Gardening Services

We are a family run gardening business who look after a wide range of gardens for our customers. These range from small formal and informal courtyard gardens, to country houses with several acres of garden. Our clients gardens include large herbaceous borders with both rare and common plants, through to quirky cottage garden themed plots.

We can advise on, care for and cultivate flower gardens for cut flowers for the house, including perennials and annuals, as well as more specialist cut flowers such as dahlias, gladiolus and sweet peas which we grow as cordon plants, or free climbing up structures.

We also plan, sow, cultivate and advise on customers fruit and vegetable plots. These again range from a few simple herb pots, through to full allotment size vegetable areas.

We advise on and source a wide range of fruit bushes and trees, taking into account the clients soil, aspect and micro climate. Our customers have fruit growing on their plots, ranging from a few simple plants such as strawberries, gooseberries, red currants and similar bushes, through to specialist fruit trees like Goldcott and Tomcott Apricots which grow really well in this area.

Ian has been gardening for forty years, growing Dahlia's to championship standard and winning prizes for flowers, fruit and vegetables at prestigious shows such as Southport, Tatton and Wisley. Ian is a Flower Judge and judges specialist shows around the UK, having specifically grown the flowers and then with assistance, built the stands for the National Dahlia Society, winning numerous RHS Gold medals for them and appearing on BBC's Gardeners World.

Spud, grew up in this environment and helped his dad grow fruit, vegetables and flowers from when he started toddling. Both Greenhalgh's now work together on this family business looking after clients gardens big and small, making sure the seasonal jobs are completed on time so our customers enjoy their gardens, rather than battle against them.

We can also help our clients save money by advising on which purchases to place where and ensuring where relevant that the right pollination partners are planted nearby, or that fruits such as Blueberries are planted in the right types of soil so they can thrive from the outset.

We pride ourselves in looking after each clients garden as we would our own and work on both hourly and daily rates of pay so small jobs can be fit into our working week as well as our more significant gardens.

Aquatic Services

We provide a wide ranging and comprehensive Aquatics service to support our current clients and future customers. This ranges from advice on, and where required the actual setting up of small freshwater fish tanks right through the range to larger specialist tanks and Marine set ups.

Many clients see established fish tanks and want the same setting up at home, or in their business premises. Often this cannot be instantly provided due to the need for the slow introduction of fish to allow the beneficial bacteria to develop in the filtration systems, which in turn, can then cope with the ammonia from the fish waste products. We are often called in when people haven't understood this, or had it properly explained to them by the seller of the tank and fish and the eco system in the fish tanks haven't developed enough, therefore causing the death of newly purchased, often expensive fish.

Often clients want to put together different species of fish, many of which will not live in harmony together, we advise of which species live together well in what is known as a ‘Community Tank’ and which more specialised fish need to be kept apart to avoid more fish losses.

We work on hourly rates of pay and are happy to give advice and where required help set up a tank, so the clients can then maintain the tank themselves, thus keeping our costs minimal. We will also set up, source fish and plants or if a marine tank, living rock and then undertake a maintenance programme that suits our clients, to take care of cleaning and other tasks.

As an example, to attend once a month to clean the filters and tank on a normal domestic or office freshwater fish tank would cost on average £25-50.

We also solve Pond problems and carry out cleaning and seasonal maintenance on clients ponds, ponds are again sensitive eco systems and whether its just clear water you want in your water feature, or specialist filtration systems in ponds for fish such as Koi, we can advise, source and fit systems tailored to fit you budget and your pond requirements.

Most ponds need some seasonal maintenance, weather it is clearing leaves and debris that builds up, or changing UV lamps that sterilise the pond water to kill of algae that causes green water at certain times of year. We carry out such tasks at the appropriate times, as well as one off problems such as leaking ponds or filters.

Again for example, to clean and maintain the filtration system and the pond itself on a small to medium garden pond would cost on average £40-80 (plus the cost of any new parts such as replacement UV lights).

The majority of our aquatic clients have come from recommendations via ‘word of mouth’ from other satisfied customers. We have over fifteen years experience in the Aquatics industry and can solve most issues referred to us, as a family we currently keep freshwater fish, Marine fish and a specialist Koi pond, as well as dealing with a wide range of these for our customers.

Please feel free to contact us with your Aquatic problems or requests, our advice is free, an initial visit to discuss your aquatic problems or potential work for you is also free of charge. Should you want us to undertake work for you, you will be informed of the cost beforehand, with no ‘hidden extras’.

We rely on our exceptional customer service and trustworthy quality work to keep our business running and welcome enquiries regarding work in the Manchester and Cheshire area.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

About us

We are a family run gardening business operating in South Manchester and Cheshire. We pride ourselves on providing real gardening services to our clients rather than just grounds maintenance as many other companies currently do.

Dad and son, Ian & Jonathan (Spud), we look after a wide range of gardens for our customers. These range from small formal and informal courtyard gardens, to country houses with several acres of garden. Our clients gardens include large herbaceous borders with both rare and common plants, through to quirky cottage garden themed plots.

The other aspect of our business is Aquatics, from small fish tanks to large garden ponds and specialist marine tanks, we cover all aspects of all aquatics. The family has worked in the Aquatics business for over 15 years which enables us to understand the vast array of problems you may be having, to entirely re-building systems using the best equipment on the market.

Please initially contact us by phone or email in the evening, as often during the daytime we are using lawnmowers, petrol power tools or chest deep in a pond. We also prefer to talk to you in our time, not whilst working at our clients.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our company.